A Growing Opportunity for Location Independent Business

Remote work has become the next big change in the day to day for many, and as it seems more likely that many of these opportunities will only continue to grow there are many now exploring further options. One of these opportunities that has come about has been within location independent business – the digital world and the online space has only continued to grow, and it allows many more to set-up online and travel, but where are the biggest opportunities being presented as we continue to move through the year and further travel opportunities become available?

(Image from insider.com)

The growth of the remote working visa – Throughout the past year there have been a number of different countries that have all joined in with offering different versions of remote working visas to allow people to travel whilst working, throughout Europe and across the rest of the world, and whilst these come in all shapes and sizes, they’re definitely geared more towards longer term stays to make a travel destination a home. These visas often do have a cost associated with them, however, so if you are looking to take advantage of one of the many visas available, you’ll have to be prepared to pay a small premium for doing so, with ongoing yearly costs to maintain this too.

Growth of online services for business – Not only have visas allowed for a growing number to travel for work, but different online services have taken away from the difficulty of setting up freelance options too. The crafty bunch have definitely been able to benefit from services like Etsy during this period of time as an opportunity to sell homemade products such as masks, and with no requirement for a fixed location it certainly helps enable travel too. Similarly, other platforms such as Fiverr have helped those in a more professional setting by turning a career job into something more closely resembling freelance work, but without the extra steps of setting up and building a base for customers and have certainly helped those looking to take advantage of location independent business too.

It’s still early doors for many however, and this transition to not only remote but also travel opportunity for work is still quite new – there have been many services like those found here that have been operating online for quite some time as brick-and-mortar locations such as casinos had fallen on difficult times that could certainly help some make the transition and may inspire many others to do so too. It’s a new and changing landscape, and plenty of adjustment will be needed in order to succeed in this space – that change will certainly come, but how quickly is still something that needs to be answered.

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